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The Work of Pola Negri

Fascination with silent films is already long gone. However, let’s admit that it has become a part of our history. These days, more and more people are watching old films given how the internet made it easy to watch these films. One of the most popular names in the 1920s and 1930s is Pola Negri. She’s synonymous with the likes of Charlie Chaplin. In fact, she is a standout actress across different decades with her Femme Fatale looks and her ability to captivate the audience.

She’s a migrant who made it big in Hollywood. She’s a one of a kind actress who was able to make it big against all odds. Apart from being an actress, she also has her own records. Negri made her last film in the 1960s. To give you an idea regarding the impact that she made in Hollywood, she was able to not only make it as a good silent movie actress, she was also able to transition when sound films were becoming popular. She also recorded music apart from acting in Hollywood. This is the reason why she was the 11th actor in history to have her footprint in the Grauman’s Chinese theater.