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The Impact of Pola Negri in Hollywood

It is quite a struggle to make it in the US. But what if you made it as a legendary actress after your career was over? That’s Pola Negri. You may know the face but you may not know the name. When it comes to silent films, we always get to associate it with Charlie Chaplin. But for the women who made it in Hollywood in the 1920s, Pola Negri was the biggest star of them all.

She’s the first European film star who made it big in Hollywood. She made a name for herself during the 1920s in silent movies. She’s a gorgeous femme fatale that captured the attention of her audience. She also made it possible to transition towards working in sound films later in her career. But unlike modern Hollywood actresses today, she was the original when it comes to being sophisticated and giving strong acting skills.

If there is something that can be learned from her career over the years, it is her ability to adapt to the changing times. She was able to make it big despite the odds are against her as a migrant. There are multiple books written about Pola Negri over the years covering her active years in Hollywood especially how she made an impact during those decades.