POLA NEGRI: the silent and early talkie film actress who was:

  • Born in Poland, “made” in Germany, stolen by Hollywood.

  • A celebrity in America, an artist in Europe.

  • Lover to Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin, and Rod La Roque; wife to a count and a prince.

  • A high-grossing Nazi film star who would not bow to the idol of fascism.

  • A “vamp” by reputation, a tragedienne in practice, but a stunningly gifted actress in truth.

The Pola Negri Appreciation Site is dedicated to preserving the memory of one of the great actresses of the early film.



Coming Soon: Feature Length Documentary on Pola Negri!

I am so elated to finally have permission to reveal this development. As we speak, a feature-length documentary about the life of our lady Pola Negri is in the late stages of production. Entitled Life is a dream in Cinema – Pola Negri, the documentary will contain excerpts of interviews with actors Hayley Mills and Eli Wallach (both of whom appeared in Pola’s last film The Moon-Spinners), as well as with authors, film historians, and people who knew Pola personally—it will even contain interview footage with David Gasten, the author of this website! In addition, you will get to see rare clips from Pola’s movies, hear little-known facts about La Negri, and see many rare photos of the lady herself from throughout her life. The documentary is directed by Polish-born director Mariusz Kotowski and produced by Bright Shining City Productions. Mr. Kotowski is going to an unbelievable amount of work to make this a fair and reliable documentary, as well as a great work of art. Life is a dream in Cinema – Pola Negri should make its theatrical debut sometime next year, and we will do our best to keep you updated on its progress in these pages. (By the way, if you have any information that you want to share for the documentary, please forward it to me and I will pass it on to the director.)

Sunrise Silents releases Pola’s Gypsy Blood (1918)

Pola Negri’s 1918 German film Gypsy Blood (aka Carmen) has seen a DVD release from the new Rhode Island-based silent film distributor Sunrise Silents. If you haven’t seen Gypsy Blood yet, it’s a great rendition of the classic Prosper Merimée story and reportedly stays closer to the original Merimée story than many of the other Carmen movies, which tend to follow the Bizet opera closer. Pola is adorable and vamps it up in her role as La Carmencita (it’s one of about four vamp roles for her). And you’ll be surprised at how sexy this movie is for 1918!