Vintage Movie Prints of Pola Negri

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If you are a film buff you may already have some film posters throughout your house. I know I do. There is just something about vintage film posters that give them their very own style and power. Whether it’s silent era movie stars like Pola, Greta, or Chaplin, or the noir film stars like Robert Mitchum, Humphrey Bogart or Jane Greer, the vintage black and white film poster is a sweet spot in terms of decor and style (at least for me).

So how would you go about getting and picking prints to display? There are a few options:

Paper Posters available online

There are still many posters available online that feature Pola.  Such as this page at, which features a handful.  Paper posters are good but will require and a frame (which can add to the cost), and if they aren’t high quality they will fade over time.  If you just want some quick and easy home decor options, this is fine.  If you are trying to get something that will last, you might want to try for another medium such as canvas.

Vintage Canvas Prints

Canvas is another great way to get prints relatively easily, however you might run into issues finding them readily available for vintage movies that are very niche specific, like our beloved Pola.  While you will find more popular noir classics like The Maltese Falcon, you won’t necessarily find a lot of silent era movie stars readily available at canvas print websites.

However, many companies offer custom photo prints, so you can provide a high res image and they will print it directly on canvas for you. I found this list of the best canvas prints for artists and they break out the various options for you.

I’m not sure what copyright issues might exist, or what is in the public domain already, if you have any doubts you should consult the print company first (especially if you plan on using this in a commercial setting like an office or gallery).

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Other Mediums (Metal, Wood, etc?)

Some of those same printing companies will also print on our materials like aluminum, acrylic, even wood.  The cost is obviously a factor in considering these, and where exactly it will be used.  Chances are for black and white pictures you won’t need the bright color effects of a metal print.  Wood prints provide a unique texture thats different from print to print, but I’m not sure it’s what I would want for my Pola Negri picture (it’s better suited for nature photography or artwork, in my opinion).

Nonetheless, many companies will give you a rednition of what the print will look like, so take a look and see what works for you.


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